How many kids can you face paint per hour?  

Depending on designs our artists can usually manage 10-12 kids an hour.

What designs can you do?



Our talented artists are quite creative and clever and can do almost anything! If you have a theme let us know and we can accommodate some designs specially for you.



How does it come off?

Very easily with soap and warm water, makeup wipes also work. But the best way is to just jump into the shower.


Which paints do your artists use?


We pride ourselves on using the highest quality FDA face paint available. You have to be wary that some painters using cheap paints can be harmful to sensitive young skin.

What are airbrush and glitter tattoos?  

We use an airbrush to create realistic looking temporary tattoos. These are made to last longer than face paint and can last (if maintained) up to 3 days.

For our glitter tattoos we use only cosmetic grade glitter and glue.

How do they come off?

 With light pressure under soap and water or baby oil.  
What tattoo designs do you have?

We have a wide range of stencils to choose from for girls and guys!


How much space do I need for the jumping castle?

 You will need a maximum clearance of 5x5 meters.
How many kids can jump at once?   

A maximum of 12 kids are permitted on the jumping castle.


 Is the jumping castle of high quality?


Our jumping castle has been manufactured by the worlds leading jumping castle manufacturer Ninja Jump. Made in America our castle has been converted to meet all Australian Standards.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have $20 million public liability cover.